Emotes by Heart You

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Genesis PFP by Heart You exclusively for The Proof Collective and Heart You community. To learn more about Emotes and Heart You please follow on Twitter and in the official Heart You Discord.

Heart You is a project of self understanding, love and acceptance of the whole self, including our shadow self. “Emotes find their owners” Heart You says about these NFTs - encouraging the owners to explore the embedded messages and symbolism of the work. 

Heart You work challenges self-understanding, promotes the acceptance of self and the removal of guilt + shame. BrOKen. But always love.

To view the replay of any Emote and discover the multiple layers of artwork head to Async.art and search you Emote by number https://async.art/blueprints/61f30f2ba50bed8bee409009/heart-you-emotes.

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Collection Follow
Percentile: 70.9%
7-Day Tweets
Percentile: 57.9%
Unique PFP
Percentile: 82.2%
💎 Members
Percentile: 84.6%
Profile Flow
Visualize how Twitter profile pictures are moving. What collections are people coming to Emotes by Heart You from and what collections are they leaving Emotes by Heart You for. Limited to, at most, the top 30 collections.
Include Non-NFTs
Profiles with >1 followers

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