Crypto-Pills by Micha Klein

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-Virtual Medicine for a Sick Society!-

10,000 Crypto Pills (based on Micha Klein’s infamous Pillman character, Featured in the Eminem Anger management tour in 2000).

They are all uniquely suited to cure your FOMO, but some are rarer than others.

Your Crypto-Pill doubles as your Crypto-Pills Pharmacy membership card and grants access to member exclusive benefits.

Crypto-Pills; Just what the doctor ordered! Upcoming drops for holders. Stay tuned.

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Percentile: 57.0%
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Percentile: 65.3%
Unique PFP
Percentile: 53.4%
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Percentile: 32.9%
Profile Flow
Visualize how Twitter profile pictures are moving. What collections are people coming to Crypto-Pills by Micha Klein from and what collections are they leaving Crypto-Pills by Micha Klein for. Limited to, at most, the top 30 collections.
Include Non-NFTs
Profiles with >1 followers

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