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Some may call it a hotdog, some may call it a frankfurter, but here we call them glizzys. Glizzys have been hand-drawn and randomly generated from over 250 traits with tons of possible combinations. Your Glizzy will be unique to you and only to you. However, it doesn't just stop there. These are $MUSTARD producing Glizzys, utility tokens ready to be used at the Hot Dog Stand and more things in the Glizzyverse.

Health Snapshot
Collection Follow
Percentile: 48.7%
7-Day Tweets
Percentile: 0.0%
Unique PFP
Percentile: 37.8%
💎 Members
Percentile: 40.6%
Profile Flow
Visualize how Twitter profile pictures are moving. What collections are people coming to GlizzyGang from and what collections are they leaving GlizzyGang for. Limited to, at most, the top 30 collections.
Include Non-NFTs
Profiles with >1 followers

We experienced issues with our DB on Nov. 18th. 7 day reach percentages restarted and will be complete again on Nov 25th.

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