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Welcome to The Giraffe Tower, a community of creators who are ready to make some serious money. We believe that success isn’t always about working harder, but rather working smarter at the right times. At The Giraffe Tower, we’re shaking things up and challenging the traditional grind and hustle mentality. We don’t want to be stuck in stuffy conference rooms or on endless Zoom calls. Instead, we’re focused on creating content our fans will love, all while still having time for a life outside of work. Join the 🦒 movement and become part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are ready to take back their lives and enjoy the freedom that entrepreneurship can offer. We’ll show you how to leverage intelligent strategies to amplify your genius and create the lifestyle of your dreams. So get ready to make some money, and have some fun!

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Collection Follow
Percentile: 99.4%
7-Day Tweets
Percentile: 94.3%
Unique PFP
Percentile: 73.3%
💎 Members
Percentile: 64.7%
Profile Flow
Visualize how Twitter profile pictures are moving. What collections are people coming to Giraffe Tower from and what collections are they leaving Giraffe Tower for. Limited to, at most, the top 30 collections.
Include Non-NFTs
Profiles with >1 followers

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