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The Society is home to 5005 NFT ERC-721 Wolf identities living in the Metaverse, their consciousness hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Each identity is unique and algorithmically generated from over 130 possible traits. Some Wolves are more rare, but all are uniquely dope. Wolves are beings with a purpose, hungry for learning and with a burning desire for conquering the status quo. One of their main qualities is the willingness to withstand the foolish optimism that permeates the NFT realm and embrace rational optimism; that is, we’re not all going to make it, only those who choose the noble path of unplugging from the hive-mind. Wolves are descendants of Geri and Freki; willing to sacrifice anything in pursuit of the upmost admirable purpose - knowledge - nothing can stand in their path. We are the Cunning Wolves.

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