Frequently asked questions

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How is reach calculated?

Global Reach is an estimate of the % of NFT Twitter users who viewed a given profile in their feed in the last 7 days. Collection Reach is an estimate of the % of NFT Twitter that has viewed a viewed a profile with an NFT from that collection as its PFP in the preceding 7 days. That could mean visiting the profile or seeing an in-feed post from that profile.

Why is my collection locked?

Collections require 25 votes before they are unlocked. This is because we need a critical density of Inspect users from a given collection before the data is high enough quality. To vote to unlock a collection, you just need to:

  1. Download the Inspect Chrome Extension
  2. Go to the collections official Twitter profile.
  3. Click the "Vote to Unlock" button next to the follow button.

See an example in this tweet.

I don't see a "Vote to Unlock" button?

Not seeing a vote to unlock button on your collections Twitter profile? This could be for a couple reasons.

  1. It’s not in our database - You can see whether we have a collection in our DB by searching for it at the top of the page. If we do not have the collection, you can check out our guidelines for adding new collections here.
  2. We don't know the official Twitter profile - We pull official Twitter accounts from the marketplaces. If the collection did not add their Twitter to a marketplace, then we won't have it. You can let us know in Discord or via Twitter DMs and we will get it added.
  3. Your Twitter is using a different language - The way we add the "Vote to Unlock" button is by finding the "Follow" button on the page and adding it alongside. We only support a small list of languages. If your Twitter is in a language we do not support, you will just need to switch to English temporarily to vote, then you can switch back. We'll do our best to add more languages as time goes on.

Lastly, you can also always vote by finding an NFT from the collection on Twitter and opening the NFT popup. You will see a "community" section with a "vote to unlock" link.

How can I get my collection included?

Our system automatically adds most Ethereum and Solana collections that reach a significant amount of volume. If you would like us to add a collection that we do not currently have, please take the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the collection you want to add meets the below requirements
    • It is on either the Ethereum or Solana blockchain.
    • NFTs in the collection are images (jpeg, jpg, png). We do not currently support videos or gifs.
    • It has done either ◎100 or Ξ5 in total sales volume.
  2. Have a member of the team DM @nftinspect from the collection's official Twitter profile asking to be included in Inspect.
  3. We will work with you to get the collection added.

Due to the massive amount of interest and effort required, at our discretion we may charge a $100 one-time setup fee payable in ETH or SOL.

Why wasn't an NFT identified?

There are a couple reasons why we may fail to identify an NFT:

  1. It’s not in our database - Right now, we’re only picking up collections that have a certain amount of volume. We’ll lower these thresholds and expand over time – but if you find a collection we do not have suggest it here.
  2. It's modified - We’re only picking up exact or near exact matches. If a new background, some sunglasses, or a signature was added, we won’t be able to pick it up. If this is the case, you can submit the miss via our miss tool and we will fix it ASAP.
Why was the wrong NFT identified?

There’s a handful of reasons why we may mess up the match, and we’re working on improving this every day. Oftentimes we don't have the actual NFT in our database, so what you’re seeing is the next closest match. Other times, our matching algorithm gets things wrong. We want to be notified of these so we can continue to improve on corner cases, use the issues channel with a link to the Tweet and the NFT it should be matched to.

Is the Chrome extension safe?

Not if you’re trying to limit your screen time! Otherwise, yes! The Inspect extension doesn’t require wallet connect, it can’t view or change anything within your wallet, it can’t know any information beyond the NFTs you see on Twitter.

All Chrome extensions go through a Chrome Store review and audit to check for security exploitations before being approved. As always though, don’t take it from us! For those who can, we highly encourage you to poke around the extension front facing code - Let us know if you find ways to improve!

I just download the extension but it is not working?
  1. First, make sure you are on and using Chrome or a Chrome-compatible browser (like Brave) on desktop, Inspect does not work with mobile today.
  2. Next, go to the Chrome Store and make sure it is downloaded. You should see a big blue button that reads "Remove From Chrome" if the extension has been installed.
  3. If you already had Twitter open when you installed, you will need to refresh the page "ctrl+r".
  4. If it is still not working, this could be because you are on a work device which has restrictive extension permissions. Either case, feel free to reach out on Discord and we will do our best to help.
What is up with the Twitter API permissions on the Extension?

When you connect to Twitter for the community feature, you will see that we request the ability to follow/unfollow and stay connected.

The follow/unfollow is to support the follow/unfollow buttons displayed once you unlock the community page. Despite the screen appearing on the twitter app these requests happen on your behalf through Inspect. We will NEVER follow/unfollow without your permission.

The "stay connected" permission is there to avoid having to sign in every 2 hours. Your keys are stored, encrypted, in a cookie you control. We physically cannot access the tokens to do something without your explicit actions (and don't want to).

How is rarity calculated?

We use an approach called Jaccard Distance. This measures the overlap between two finite sets of traits. The higher the overlap, the lower the Jaccard distance, the less rare. By understanding the similarities across all the NFTs in a collection, we can gauge how rare an NFT is.

This means that our rarity calculation will sometimes differ from the rarity ranking provided by the official project - if they have it. For some collections, this works super well and is spot on. For other collections with a lot of traits, each NFT may seem more rare than it is, and Jaccard Distance will not be super accurate. We’re still tweaking this!

Want to learn more about Jaccard Distance? Checkout this great write up from nftgo.

How are rankings calculated?

Inspect Community Ranking is calculated based on the weighted combination of:

  • PFPs per NFT (75%): The total number of PFPs with this collection’s NFT divided by the number of NFTs in the collection
  • Size of Inspect Audience (25%): The number of Inspect Chrome extension users that have seen a user with this collections PFP

Global Profile Rank is calculated based on each user’s raw Global Reach. Inspect ONLY ranks profiles with recognized NFT PFPs.

The formula used to calculate rank will be tweaked periodically in order to optimize its ability to capture what makes communities strong as well as to include new data as we gather it.

How is Influence Rank calculated?

Influence Rank is inspired by Google's famous PageRank algorithm and uses the follow graph to indicate profiles followed by accounts with significant reach and audience. This process intuitively tries to understand who "influences the influencers", not by ranking by number of followers. In the diagram below you can see that while E has many followers, C is ranked highly because of who follows them.

Influence Rank DiagramPageRank example from

At a high level, the algorithm proceeds in stages: First, we start with a representative set of active NFT Twitter accounts. We score profiles which are followed by these accounts. Next we use these scores to adjust the scores of profiles followed by these accounts. The process is repeated.

The final step in the process is to sort accounts by their scores and assign a rank. Put simply, profiles with high Influence Rank are followed by other profiles that rank highly.

How do I verify my Twitter account?
Verify here!

By verifying that you own this wallet you will show up on collection pages as a member of collections that you own but are not using as your PFP, you're official Twitter handle will be displayed next to any NFT that you own that is shared on Twitter (for extension users), your Inspect profile will display all collections you are a member of, and we will tell you when your NFTs are used on Twitter by someone other than you.