How to get a collection added to Inspect

Our system automatically adds most Ethereum and Solana collections that reach a significant amount of volume. If you would like us to add a collection that we do not currently have, please take the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the collection you want to add meets the below requirements
    • It is on either the Ethereum or Solana blockchain.
    • NFTs in the collection are images (jpeg, jpg, png). We do not currently support videos or gifs.
    • It has done either ◎100 or Ξ5 in total sales volume.
  2. Have a member of the team DM @nftinspect from the collection's official Twitter profile asking to be included in Inspect.
  3. We will work with you to get the collection added.

Due to the massive amount of interest and effort required, at our discretion we may charge a $100 one-time setup fee payable in ETH or SOL.

Thank you for your interest and for helping to make Inspect as complete as possible!